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Matthew Fox in horror film role

Matthew Fox is set to star in post-apocalyptic horror thriller Welcome To Harmony.

The Lost star is to play a man who lives in a remote village to try and avoid a worldwide infection that turns survivors into beasts, reported The Wrap.

Jeffrey Donovan is in talks to play another survivor, a father of a young daughter, in the film, which would mark the English-language debut of Spanish director Miguel Angel Vivas.

Spanish filmmaker Jaume Collet-Serra will produce the movie, which is based on Juan de Dios Garduno's best-selling book Y Pese A Todo.

Miguel, who is also adapting the novel for the big screen with Alberto Marini, described the project as "28 Days Later meets a John Carpenter movie meets [John Boorman's] Hell In The Pacific" in 2011.

Production is expected to start in Eastern Europe in February 2014.

Matthew, who has starred on Lost and Party Of Five, was last seen in zombie thriller World War Z, war drama Emperor and thriller Alex Cross.


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