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Max Irons won't move to Hollywood

Max Irons has no plans to move to Hollywood to pursue his film career - as he doesn't want to look too keen.

The Red Riding Hood star lives in London's Notting Hill with parents Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack and is happy to commute to LA for acting work.

Max, 25, said: "I don't think you have to in this day of Skype and email. And it's good to have an amount of unavailability. If you're always available, knocking on doors and saying, 'Give me a job', it sends the wrong smell out."

The rising star appears alongside Amanda Seyfried and Shiloh Fernandez in Red Riding Hood, directed by Twilight's Catherine Hardwicke, but is not too eager to steal Robert Pattinson's heartthrob crown.

Max, a former Burberry model, said: "I heard that Robert was being chased through the streets of Paris before they even started filming because people were so insanely crazy about those books.

"It's always nice to have people appreciative of what you're doing, but I think too much attention could screw up your head."

:: Red Riding Hood opens in cinemas on Friday, April 15


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