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May: Cohen wasn't right for Mercury

Sacha Baron Cohen was "too recognisable" and "distracting" to play Freddie Mercury in a biopic, Brian May has reportedly said.

The Borat star was due to play the late Queen frontman in the film, but in July it was revealed he had exited the project over creative differences.

According to the Daily Mirror, the group's guitarist Brian suggested Sacha was too well-known for it to work.

He was quoted as saying: " It seemed like a good idea in the beginning but the truth is, he's too recognisable. He's very much a style and a character."

''I think that he would have been very distracting. That's the conclusion we came to," he added.

Daniel Radcliffe was linked to the role following Sacha's departure, but quickly shot down the rumours, saying he would be "completely wrong" for the part.

And last week the Latino Review reported that Dominic Cooper was said to be "circling the project".


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