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McAdams in awe of Mean Girls' Lohan

Rachel McAdams has praised Lindsay Lohan's acting in Mean Girls.

The Notebook star, who played queen bee Regina George, laughed off rumours that Lindsay (Cady Heron) was intimidated by her, saying she was struck by the 28-year-old's talent.

"If anything, I was in awe of her talent. I looked at her as this experienced actor, and she had great comedic timing, so natural," she told Allure.

"It's just funny to hear that because you never know what people are thinking. We all try to act like we've got it together," the 35-year-old added.

Rachel, last seen in Richard Curtis' romantic drama About Time, admitted having to do a striptease for her big-screen debut in The Hot Chick was one of her most mortifying scenes. In the comedy, her character swaps bodies with a criminal, played by Rob Schneider.

"I remember standing backstage, dressed like a mechanic. I had a pink bikini on underneath, grease on my face, and I just remember breathing deep and thinking, 'Oh, my God, I have to go out there and do this striptease, as a man... as a woman," she recalled.

"How did I get here?' It was probably one of the scariest moments I've had in my career. It stretched me in ways I could have never imagined. Literally."

The actress, who next stars in spy thriller A Most Wanted Man and will voice a character in The Little Prince, is looking for twists and turns in her career.

"I'm hoping it's going to be complicated and have lots of dead ends and corners and sharp turns. I hope it can't be summed up too easily when I'm done," she said.


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