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McAvoy mulling over a skinhead

James McAvoy has revealed he is in talks with movie bosses about shaving all his hair off for X-Men Apocalypse.

The Scottish actor is taking on the role of Professor Charles Xavier in the third instalment of the mutant reboot due to begin shooting in April, and may have to lose his luscious locks, as the comic book character is bald and he will be playing an older version of him.

James revealed: "It was always sort of planned that I'd shave my head for the first one I think. There were people sort of surprised that I wasn't [bald] in the first one.

"But we just thought it was good to sort of leave the evolution... the physical evolution of the character 'til later in the story, because you don't just go back and find them exactly as they are in the future, so yeah, we're figuring out what we're going to do."

The 35-year-old star was crowned the first winner of the EE Rising Star Award, an award voted for by the public, which is celebrating it's 10th anniversary at the 2015 Baftas.

The same year James won the Bafta for Best Actor for his role in The Last King Of Scotland, and has gone on to become a massive Hollywood star.

He revealed: "It was an incredibly important thing for me, and it's remained something that I'm really fond of; I think it might have been one of the first awards I ever won and it was a real moment of feeling like acceptance anyway from your peers and from the people that are in the industry with you."

James - who starred in hit Channel 4 show Shameless before moving on to the big screen - also admitted he would like to return to TV at some point.

He revealed: "I nearly did something on the small screen not that long ago, but schedules and stuff like that just conflicted. It meant that I couldn't do it.

"There's stuff out there that I would love to do on telly without a doubt. You've just got to know if it's the right thing at the right time and all that kinda stuff. Yeah, if a great role comes along tomorrow then I'd do it."

::Nominees for the EE Rising Star Award 2015 will be announced and voting will open on Wednesday January 7, 2015.


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