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McCarthy: People relate to Tammy

Melissa McCarthy thinks everybody can relate to her character in new comedy Tammy - who goes on a road trip with her grandmother to try and escape her life.

The Bridesmaids star co-wrote Tammy with her husband Ben Falcone, who also makes his directorial debut with the film about a woman who has a bad day when her car breaks down, she loses her job and comes home to find her husband cheating on her. When her grandmother Pearl - played by Thelma And Louise star Susan Sarandon - wants to go on a trip to Niagara Falls, Tammy thinks it could be her ticket to turning her life around.

Melissa attended the premiere of the film in Los Angeles with Ben, Susan, producer Will Ferrell and co-stars Nat Faxon, Mark Duplass and Sarah Baker.

Asked about advice for people who need to sort their life out like Tammy, Melissa said: "Read the paper every day, do some math, and do some kind of word jumble to keep my brain going. You don't do that. You make a couple of bad choices and maybe half a good one, and I think everyone can relate to trying to be a better you."

The Campaign star Sarah, who plays Becky, Tammy's best friend, confessed she had found it hard to keep a straight-face working with Melissa on the movie.

She said: "Oh my gosh, Melissa's just so funny. I'm maybe not the first person to notice that.

"It was so hard not to laugh. She was wearing a mask for a lot of the scene that I had with her, and she was always trying to find the eye-holes, and it just killed me. So I just can't look at her, because I'm going to ruin the movie, and I don't want to do that!"


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