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McClure and Owen's great chemistry

Vicky McClure has said when people are impressed by her chemistry with co-star Jonny Owen in Svengali, they often don't realise it is because they are a real-life couple.

This Is England star Vicky plays the supportive girlfriend of Jonny's character Dixie, a man who decides to manage a new band despite having no experience in the music industry.

She said: "This [me and Jonny getting together] isn't going to happen all the time, so it's unique."

The actors realised that they had feelings for each other shortly after they started on the film, which was made two years ago but is only now being released, and live together in Nottingham.

Vicky said: "If you're not together, you have to really find something that makes the audience believe in you, and you have to play that in a certain way. Me and Jonny didn't have to do that.

"People have said to me, 'My God, the chemistry between you two was incredible'.

"I don't jump in and say, 'Well that's because...[we're together]', because I like the fact that they've just enjoyed it and thought it was a good pairing. But it was extremely good because it was real."

Svengali is in cinemas now (March 21).


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