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McClure, Owen not cut out for band

Vicky McClure and Jonny Owen have said that they don't think they are cut out for running a band in real life, despite their Svengali roles.

The actors play a couple in the film, with Jonny's character Dixie deciding to manage a band that becomes the UK's hottest act, despite having no previous music industry experience, and Vicky's character is his long-suffering supportive girlfriend.

Jonny explained that the actors playing the band had got very into the lifestyle: "Dylan (Edwards) was just a great frontman straight away... He said, 'Of all the things I want to be, I'd like to be a rock star the most.'

"The boys had to walk on stage to all this adulation - what's not to love about that? So they said they'd do that full time if they could."

But asked if he'd like to be a real life manager, Jonny replied: "No. The band is roughly based on an amalgamation of the Sex Pistols and Oasis, and a lot of bands and what I was like in a band with my mates. We were pretty childlike in a lot of respects.

"My manager, he was just the nicest guy, never had a bad day, he was always encouraging, so that's the character that Dixie's based on.

"You've got these people who are constantly saying I want this, I want that - I always thought there was a lot of comedy in that."

He added: "But I wouldn't personally like to manage a band, I wouldn't like to be in a band, it's a young man's game."

Vicky, recalling one scene where her character comes home to find chaos going on, said she had even struggled with that.

She said: "I remember trying to get the band's attention and it was really loud. I was getting really annoyed because they genuinely couldn't hear me.

"I ended up smacking Michael Socha's back with a jotter and he had the worst jotter mark on his back."

Svengali is released in cinemas on March 21.


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