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McConaughey: Son would rescue Oscar

Matthew McConaughey has revealed that if his family were caught in a crisis at home, his young son would rescue his Oscar.

The Dallas Buyers Club star, who was named best actor at this year's Academy Awards, said he had been teaching six-year-old son Levi about what to do if disaster struck their home.

He told GQ magazine: "He asked me what a tsunami was, and if one could come here [to Malibu]. And I said, 'Yeah.' So he said, 'Well, what do we do?' And I go, 'Well, you grab your most prized possessions. We get the dog, we get the cat and we get out quick.'

"And he goes, 'But, Papai, we also take the Oscar, right?' I was like, 'Good man! Good man! I'm glad you picked that up. Yes, we do'."

Matthew added that he had been using the Oscar to show why it was important to work hard: "Kids don't think about later. Everything is right now. So that's what we're trying to teach them: delayed gratification.

"Like, remember that time when Papai was skinny [for Dallas Buyers Club] and I wasn't around much, and I couldn't go outside and play with you? Well, for the work I did then, a year-and-a-half later, somebody deemed it excellent, and gave me a first-place trophy for it."


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