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McDonald’s employee Rebecca Grace dazzles judges on The X Factor

Rebecca Grace, 22,  from Essex impressed with her rendition Piece By Piece.

A McDonald’s drive-thru employee dazzled the X Factor judges with her emotional performance of a Kelly Clarkson song during the audition stages of the competition.

Rebecca Grace, 22, from Essex impressed with her rendition Piece By Piece by the former American Idol winner.

Judge Simon Cowell told her: “I’ve never listened to the lyrics like I just did with you, I listened to every word.

“I’m going to remember you, there is something about you I really like.”

Louis Walsh told her: “that was the perfect song for your voice and you sang it effortlessly, do you not realise how good you are and how good you could be?” – while Nicole Scherzinger added: “You’re coming with some heat, it’s pretty powerful.”

The X Factor Press Launch – London

Grace walked out of the audition at Thorpe Park in Surrey with four yeses.

Meanwhile twin Justin Bieber lookalikes left judges Sharon Osbourne and Scherzinger stunned as they flashed their abs during their audition for the singing competition.

Brothers Achilles and Phillip, 19, from Greece, performed Bieber’s hit Boyfriend under the band name Pretty Boy Karma in Saturday night’s episode of the show.

Pretty Boy Karma (Syco/Thames)

While dancing for the judges, they lifted up their shirts to show off their stomachs – prompting blushes from the judges but that was not enough to get them a place in bootcamp.

Walsh told them: “You make Jedward look like Simon and Garfunkel,” before they were give four nos.

Other singing hopefuls who faced the panel included airport VIP concierge worker Talia Dean, 32, who impressed with Nina Simone’s I Put A Spell On You and betting shop manager Liaa, 20, who sang Kelly Clarkson’s The Trouble With Love.


Dean told Schezinger and Osbourne they had encouraged her to pursue her dreams when she carried their bags for them through Heathrow before she was given a place in the next round.

Liaa’s audition also landed her a pass to bootcamp.

Former electrician Kevin Davy White, 29, from Paris, performed James Brown’s World for the judges, with Scherzinger telling the hopeful: “Where did you come from? I love you. You can make a a record, a real record,” as he sailed into the next round.


Group New Dynamixx also landed a ticket to bootcamp for their medley of Little Mix’s Touch and Jonas Blue’s Mama, despite Walsh branding it “cheesy”.

There was suspense as single dad Nathan Sailsman, 27, sang Robbie Williams’ Angels but failed to convince judge Simon Cowell with his performance, prompting the judge to ask him to return with a different number.

X Factor 2017

Sailsman, who brought young daughter Arielle with him to the audition, returned in the hope that Bryan Adams’ Heaven would land him a place at bootcamp but was left disappointed when Cowell told him he did not want to give him false hope and sent him home empty handed.

As the judges spent the day at the theme park they took the chance to explore some of the rides, but a trip on Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise Of The Demon prompted a string of bizarre auditions, including human resources employee Ginny Lemon, 28, who left the judges speechless with her performance of Liberty X’s Just A Little.


They were also stumped by Doctor Woof, who performed Use What You’ve Got by The Life in a glittery waistcoat and top hat and Holly Penfield, who used her magic wand as a crop as she she serenaded the judges with Meredith Brooks’ Bitch, causing her hat with a stiletto glued on top to fall over her eyes.

X Factor 2017

The X Factor continues at 8pm on Sunday on ITV.


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