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McGowan: I refused to shave head

Rose McGowan has revealed she was asked to shave her head for Conan The Barbarian but refused.

The 37-year-old Charmed star plays the evil half-human, half-witch Marique in the new 3D movie starring Jason Momoa as Conan. And while she relished bringing some girl power to the action flick, she refused to lose her hair and opted for a skull-cap.

Rose said: "They asked me to shave my head. And I was like, 'No!' That would be the worst haircut to ever have to grow back.

"My hair is very long. That would be a disaster. And that was six hours: two in the morning until whenever but about six hours and then I would start work and it was an hour for removal. But they did the most amazing job."

The Black Dahlia star also admitted her costumes was so constricting she had trouble moving.

She said of her clothes: "I had to have people help me up stairs, which was funny because I'm playing someone that can kill you. But in the meanwhile if you pushed me over, I would be like some beetle that couldn't get up. But they were amazing looking so you just suck it up."

Rose still relished doing her own stunts.

She said: "I love doing stunts and I love fight training and I love fighting which is funny because I weigh 105 pounds you get underestimated physically. So I'm like, 'I can do it.' I had older brothers and I was like 'I can do anything you can do.'"

Conan The Barbarian is released in cinemas on Wednesday 24 August.



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