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McGregor: Blunt got me to do accent

Ewan McGregor has revealed Emily Blunt talked him into using his posh Scottish accent in their new movie.

The Scot plays repressed fish scientist Dr Fred Jones in Salmon Fishing In The Yemen - based on the 2006 novel - and confessed he struggled with how far to go with the character's "prissy" accent.

"Fred's not Scottish in the book but there was no reason why he shouldn't be," he explained. "I just couldn't decide between English or a Morningside (an area of Edinburgh) accent, which is so uptight, it's perfect for him. But it's such an unromantic accent and as he's the romantic lead of the film, so I wasn't sure if it would work."

He said Emily finally persuaded him to opt for Morningside.

"She said, 'You've got to do the accent'," recalled the star.

It's not only Jones' voice that has altered in the transition from page to screen, as the character is also younger.

"There was talk of putting silver in my hair, but I felt we could achieve his uptightness through the acting," said Ewan, 41.

"Also, it wasn't important to me to make him older. Fans of the book might think that's a great mistake, but it's possible to achieve the same effect [without ageing him] because there are people younger than I, who are more uptight. It's not necessarily an age thing."

:: Salmon Fishing In The Yemen is released on Friday, April 20.


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