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McGregor 'struck' by gentle fighter

Ewan McGregor has said he was "struck" by the gentleness of his Haywire co-star, mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano.

The actor confessed he didn't know what to expect when he found out he'd be working with the fighter in the action thriller, so he went home and looked up her fights on YouTube.

"I was breathtaken at how aggressive and violent it looked, yet when I met her for the first time I was very, very struck by her gentleness," said the star.

"She talks about her fighting in a very spiritual way, and all about the training and the focus of the training towards this goal at the end, the fight, and she always talked with respect about her opponents.

"In these fights you often see the fighters trying to, kind of, outsmart... you know, being aggressive and giving nasty looks to their opponent, and Gina's always seemed not to be like that. I think she's quite special in that world as well as in this world."

Ewan, 40, also said he was thrilled to work with director Steven Soderbergh on the project, which is about a freelance covert operative.

He said: "I'd spoken to Steven a long, long time ago about doing a film with him and it didn't come together for one reason and another, and sometimes when that happens with a director that's it, they don't come back to you. So I was very relieved and pleased that he did for this."


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