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Meet the new British cast of Teen Mom

Four young British mothers will face the challenges of parenthood.

The cast of Teen Mom (MTV/PA)
The cast of Teen Mom (MTV/PA)

By Craig Simpson, PA

The cast of Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant UK has been announced with more mothers facing the challenges of parenting on screen.

Four teenagers feature in the new series, following new parents through risky pregnancies, single motherhood, sperm donors, and whirlwind weddings.

Launching in September, Teen Mom will also examine the pressures facing young lovers from opposed religious communities.

Here is the cast:


Laura from Ormskirk. (MTV)

The 18-year-old from Ormskirk is in a relationship with her next-door neighbour Morgan.

The pair have become engaged, married, and used a sperm donor to conceived their first child, Kingsley. They have already agreed to have another child with the same donor’s sperm.

Not all of their family knows of this arrangement, as the pair set out on a challenging journey as parents.


Alisha from London. (MTV)

The 19-year-old from London converted to Islam in order to marry her college sweetheart Umair, and now the pair are expecting a baby, Arabella.

Alisha’s family were not happy with her decision to renounce her Sikh heritage and become Muslim, leaving behind her family home in the process.

Becoming a parent without the support of her own family support will prove a challenge for the teenager.


Charlie from Doncaster. (MTV)

Doncaster girl Charlie, 18, got together with her boyfriend Brett after meeting on a night out.

Seven months later the pair are expecting a child and have moved into Charlie’s family home.

They will be seen struggling to navigate the financial pressure of parenthood as they find themselves having to face up to adult life.


Charlotte is expecting identical twins. (MTV)

At just 16 years old, Charlotte is living at home in Essex with her mother Donna, who has a terminal condition.

The teenager is pregnant with identical twins Isabella and Brianna, but the father has left both her and the area, leaving her to cope alone.

Donna is determined to be alive for the arrival of her grandchildren, and Charlotte is determined to be a good mother to her children.

Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant UK will air on MTV UK on September 18 at 8pm.



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