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Melissa George's climbing skill

Melissa George discovered she had a natural talent for rock climbing while making new film A Lonely Place To Die.

The Australian actress stars in the thriller as a climber who is holidaying with a group of friends in the Scottish highlands when they find a schoolgirl who is being held captive and accidentally get caught up in a dangerous kidnapping.

Melissa enjoyed the difficult stunts she had to film on location.

She revealed: "Starting on the indoor wall I was pretty good from the beginning. I don't want to brag but I'm like a little spider.

"The trainer kept saying 'you're like a little spider', I'd just crawl up.

"So maybe I'm a great rock climber but I didn't know it until I did the movie. But the thing about making a movie is you have to be so much more resilient than just a regular going out and rock climbing for the day because you have to do 40 or 50 takes of each moment.

"So you have to be extra resilient, extra strong and extra tough and in good shape to be able to withstand months of doing the same sport every single day. That's what's hard about it."

The former Home and Away star revealed she suffered gruelling weather conditions making the movie, but she still enjoyed Scotland.

Melissa said: "Being in Scotland, every moment was such fun for me. It was beautiful.

"Even when huge rocks of hail were up against my face and I was up in the mountain and it was such a hassle to get me down so they just left me up there so I just buried my head with a bit of plastic and waited for it to pass."


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