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Messiah star Marc on trail of a killer in Belfast

Hit BBC detective show is filmed on the streets of city

By Maureen Coleman

Actor Marc Warren is in Belfast this week to take on a new role as a detective in the fifth story of the popular BBC One series Messiah.

The powerful two-parter is being filmed in the city and stars Warren, best known for his roles in Hustle and Dracula.

Also filming in Belfast yesterday were Marsha Thomason from Lost as DE Mel Palmer and Daniel Ryan from The Street as DI Terry Hedges, along with Nina Sosanya (Sorted), Niall MacGregor (Dalziel and Pascoe) and Rory Kinnear.

The actors were photographed as they sheltered under an umbrella during filming in heavy rain.

Warren plays DCI Walker, a haunted man who has finally met his match.

His previously renowned, finely-tuned instincts and tenacity of character are questioned as his personal demons invade his latest investigation.

A killer enacts a series of sadistic and elaborately staged murders with the intention of communicating a stark message to the world. But can DCI Walker act with the same speed and attention to detail that the killer is displaying?

Patrick Spence, BBC Northern Ireland's Head of Drama, said: "We are ecstatic that Marc is heading up our wonderful new cast.

"He will help us lift Messiah to ever new heights. Once again, with a thumping good script from writer Oliver Brown, Great Meadow Productions have given us something special, a drama to be really proud of."

Written by Oliver Brown and directed by Harry Bradbeer, Messiah V is produced by Richard Broke. The series will film in Northern Ireland until mid October and will be broadcast on BBC1 in winter 2008.

The thriller-type detective show Messiah premiered on BBC 1 in May 2001 and was last seen in August 2005, starring Ken Stott.

The original was based on a novel by Boris Starling. The subsequent instalments were written directly for television.

Messiah relates only to the first series, where the killer sets out to murder 12 men - the same number of apostles - in the same way in which they died.

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