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MIB's Jones: Will Smith spreads joy

Tommy Lee Jones has said his Men In Black co-star Will Smith "spreads joy" when he walks onto a movie set.

The 65-year-old actor is reprising his role of surly Agent K alongside Will as Agent J for the third movie in the franchise, and said each sequel has been a cheery reunion, mainly because of the Hollywood star.

"Will is more generous than anyone, and he spreads joy," he said. "He walks into a studio, walks onto a set, and ... he makes certain that everybody's happy. He can't help himself."

"You gotta have fun," Will, 43, said.

But Will joked that he has a few issues with his co-star, who he first started battling aliens with in 1997's Men In Black.

"He doesn't compliment me when I get dressed," he said. "He'll just look at my clothes, and he doesn't say anything, and when we go out, he's always on his cell phone. And I just want him to think about me and my feelings."


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