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Michael and Jason's 'tens-ship'

Michael Cera has described his friendship with his Scott Pilgrim Vs The World co-star Jason Schwartzman as a "tens-ship".

In Edgar Wright's new film, the duo play bitter arch-enemies and the Juno star, in the title role, has to take on Jason, who plays supervillain Gideon Graves, in an ultimate battle.

"On set we take our work very seriously, so we had a 'serious' friendship - actually, it was a tens-ship - because there was a lot of tension between us," Michael deadpans.

"We had to hurt each other a lot of the day. In 75 per cent of our scenes, we were trying to hurt each other but secretly trying not to, unbeknownst to the audience."

The 22-year-old adds: "You're throwing a sword at Jason and you're thinking, 'I hope he remembers to block this and put his sword up at the right moment', so I don't take his head off."

:: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World is in cinemas now.


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