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Michael Sheen admits 'I'm a geek'

Michael Sheen is not embarrassed to admit he's a bit of a technology nerd.

"I'm not a secret geek, I'm a completely open geek," the actor admitted.

His new sci-fi movie Tron Legacy topped the UK box office this week, taking £1.97 million in its first three days.

In real life the sequel to the 1982 movie, which takes place inside 'the grid' of a computer, would make an appropriate home for the technology-loving star.

"I'm cursed with always wanting the latest gadget and breaking it as soon as it gets out of the box, pretty much," Michael added, laughing.

He said: "It's because I refuse to read the manuals because I think that I'll be able to make them work and I never can!"

The 41-year-old said science fiction stories are a real passion of his.

"I was into sci-fi and fantasy when I was younger but I've got more and more into it as I've got older, that's my main interest when I got to watch films or read books," he admitted.


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