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Michelle Rodriguez's action battle

Michelle Rodriguez has revealed she has battled to get roles in action films that don't undermine her as a woman.

The star of Avatar and Lost - who appears alongside Aaron Eckhart and Ne-Yo in Jonathan Liebesman's blockbuster Battle: Los Angeles as a US soldier, said she often finds herself fighting to play a female action hero that isn't sexist.

Michelle said: "There's a lot of battles that you undergo when you do action films and you're a chick.

She went on: "It's a lot of fighting because at first it's not always on paper and you have to say 'Hey this aspect of this character is cliched and you need to lose that'. And 'it's an action film guys, why just because I'm a chick do I have to bang this guy? Relax - let's focus on the story here'.

"But I think today now that the alpha male has kind of taken the back seat and the geek is kind of the prominent icon, it's leaving the room for more women to explore and spread their wings and there's just more room for dimension."

Michelle revealed she is hoping to write her own films and she can't wait to see a female action hero fairly represented on screen.

She said: "Now it's to a point where it's a different psychology, so now we need to take this alpha tomboy butch b**** and we need to transform her, revamp her - make her sexy.

"But to embody that in characters in films is the next step. It's about that chemical balance between a man and a woman. And a woman and man being complete when they meet, as supposed to being 'You complete me'."

:: Battle: Los Angeles is in cinemas now.


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