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Miley Cyrus is ‘classy’, says co-star

Miley Cyrus is a “classy lady” and the public shouldn’t believe most things they read about her, the singer’s co-star has said.

The teenage star has been the source of controversy recently, and was pictured allegedly smoking drugs. She was also videoed jokingly giving one of her producers a raunchy dance.

But Thomas Jane, who lines up alongside Miley in the film LOL: Laughing Out Loud, says that she is good person at heart and everyone should read between the headlines.

“Don't believe any of that bulls**t!" he told E! Online. "She's a real classy lady. And that will be proven over the years. She's a wonderful girl."

Thomas added that Miley, 18, whose father is country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, got on really well with his own daughter. He says this confirms the singer’s good nature.

“Miley was so sweet and nice with her," Thomas explained. "She's just really made me a big fan. She treated her like a real friend and my daughter was super impressed."

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