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Miliband 'proud' of 'geek' tag

Ed Miliband has pleaded "guilty" to being a geek and boasted about being "brilliant" at a cult computer game.

The Labour leader was quizzed by Absolute Radio's Geoff Lloyd and revealed the last film to make him shed a tear was a suitably left-wing tale of gay activists and striking miners.

He said: " Pride is about the lesbian and gay community in London who go and help the miners in Wales and Justine and I watched it recently. I blubbed."

Asked about Jeremy Paxman's description of him as a " north London geek", Mr Miliband said: " I plead guilty to being a geek. I'm proud."

He also owned up to a "big passion" for the ZX Spectrum computer game Manic Miner, saying: " I was brilliant. As I remember, there were 20 levels. I'm not sure I'm very good at hand/eye coordination but I was good at Manic Miner. I used to drive my parents slightly mad because you used to play it on the telly, obviously, so they wouldn't be able to watch"

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