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Miller under Highland midge attack

Ben Miller has revealed the biggest challenge he faced in his latest film was being targeted by midges.

The comedian stars in What We Did On Our Holiday, a family comedy from the creators of Outnumbered set in the Scottish Highlands, and said the cast had to contend with nature to get through their scenes.

He admitted: "There was a terrible problem with midges, I had no idea, the West Highlands... You know they say midges are bad, you think, 'Come on, I don't mind a few flies.' You've never seen anything like it.

"It was like in The Mummy, where all those locusts form that huge pharoah and then chase, it was a bit like that. They'd form themselves into beasts and chase you down the hillside. You get out the car and people are dressed like beekeepers. That's what you have to wear if you want to keep midges off, there's just no doing it.

"We were doing one scene towards the end and my mouth was so full of midges I had to stop and get a glass of water. It was really grim, so grim."

What We Did On Our Holiday is in cinemas now.


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