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Miller's thrills over Madame Bovary

Ezra Miller has a role in the Madame Bovary big screen adaptation
Ezra Miller has a role in the Madame Bovary big screen adaptation

Ezra Miller has revealed he is "very excited" about the upcoming Madame Bovary movie.

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower star will play Leon Dupuis, one of Emma Bovary's (Mia Wasikowska) lovers, in Sophie Barthes' big-screen adaptation of Gustave Flaubert's novel, which begins filming in the summer.

"I'm very excited. There have been a lot of adaptations of the book before, but none of them are as dark and sexy as the book. With the director we've got and the cast, this might just hit it - the dark, sexy we are all crazy about," he said.

"I haven't done any acting work in a long time. I've been playing music for over a year now, so there's a lot building in my gut that can only be released through playing a character."

Paul Giamatti has also signed on to portray Monsieur Homais, the local pharmacist, in the film.

Ezra is a fan of the book, having read it when he was a teenager.

"I really anticipate a fantastic working experience and also a very wonderful film based on one of the greatest books ever," added the 20-year-old.

"I read that book when I was 15. I was painfully in love with this French girl who was being mean to me and I was like, 'Romance sucks'. That's the profound message of Madame Bovary," he said.

Ezra - who has been working with Greenpeace on a campaign to save the Arctic circle - admitted he has missed acting. His last acting role was playing a camp teen in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower opposite Emma Watson.

"I want to play so many different characters that I practically disappear and don't know my own self any more. Beyond loving it, I am unhelpfully dependent on it," he said.


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