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Millie Mackintosh: I meditate for anxiety every day

The former Made In Chelsea star has spoken out after her marriage break-up and clothing line closure.

Businesswoman and reality TV personality Millie Mackintosh has revealed she is meditating to help her cope with personal and professional problems.

The former Made In Chelsea star announced in March that her clothing line was to close as the business was unsustainable in the fashion industry’s “financial climate”.

Her three-year marriage to rapper Professor Green broke down in 2016, and the music star recently described it as a “mistake”.

Mackintosh and fellow former Made In Chelsea co-star Hugo Taylor announced their engagement in July 2017.

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Mackintosh appears on the cover of the latest edition of Women’s Health, and in an interview she reveals how yoga has helped her mental health.

She told the magazine: “When my thoughts get a bit out of control and my mind is rushing, yoga just brings everything back down to earth.

Millie Mackintosh appears on the cover of the new issue of Women's Health.

“It’s hard to stay calm … but you’ve got to remember that you’re not your mind. You are an observer of your mind.

“I use the app Headspace daily – I’m doing the meditation for anxiety at the moment. With the process I’ve just been through with my business, it’s made a real difference.

“You know, you can’t control certain things that happen to you, but you can control how you react to them – and how they affect you.”

Mackintosh also reflected on the closure of the clothing brand bearing her name, which she ran for four years.

Citing fellow cosmetics entrepreneur Charlotte Tilbury as an inspiration, she said she was not put off by the experience and hopes to return to fashion.

Millie Mackintosh appears on the cover of the new issue of Women's Health.

She said: “I think you can’t be successful without failing along the way.

“I think about lots of people I admire, and their first businesses didn’t really make it.

“Look at Charlotte Tilbury – her make-up line now wasn’t her first attempt.

“So, although it’s been a really difficult time, remembering that has helped me I’ve learnt so much doing it, so it’s just … it’s a gamble.

“I was really passionate about it, I put my all into it, and I don’t regret it at all.

Millie Mackintosh is on the cover of the new issue of Women's Health

“The road to success is not a straightforward one, we all go through a few challenges before we get it right. I think you can’t be successful without failing along the way.

“I feel like my journey with fashion isn’t finished at all. It’s begun.”

The full interview with Millie Mackintosh appears in the June issue of Women’s Health, which is on sale on Tuesday May 8.

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