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Miranda Hart’s fox is back – and bolder than ever

The actress has been telling fans about her encounters with the animal.


Miranda Hart (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

Miranda Hart (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

Miranda Hart (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

Miranda Hart has spoken of her horror at being reunited with the fox she came face to face with after leaving her door open during the heatwave.

Last week, the comedy actress and writer said she had begun sleeping on her kitchen floor to escape her “very HOT” bedroom.

The 47-year-old told her 2.3 million Twitter followers that she awoke shortly before dawn to find the animal staring at her, and joked that she might have to resurrect her eponymous sitcom to feature a similar scene.

On Wednesday, Hart shared a further development, writing: “Fox update – I was lying in bed, upstairs this time, and I hear noise on the stairs.

“A brief moment of ‘There’s someone in the house and how can my dressing gown become a weapon’.

“Then I slowly go to the top of the stairs. The fox is half way up TO MY BEDROOM. UNACCEPTABLE.”

Last week, she wrote: “In other news… I slept on the kitchen floor (my bedroom is a very HOT room – not in a good way).

“I had the doors to the garden open. At one point before dawn, this happened – I WOKE UP TO FIND MYSELF FACE TO FACE WITH A FOX… (I may have to do more Miranda to do that scene)”

The Bafta-nominated comedy, which also starred Sarah Hadland, Tom Ellis, Patricia Hodge and Sally Phillips, ran for three series from 2009 until 2015, with two Christmas specials.