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Mirren makes Hollywood impression

Dame Helen Mirren is still making an impression in Hollywood.

The Oscar-winning actress sank her feet in wet cement outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Monday, joining a long list of celebrity hand and foot prints in the courtyard of the famed Hollywood tourist spot.

Helen said: "Honestly it's a really, really special day. And I will be here next week in my jeans and my cap with my camera and I'm going to be taking a photo of my own hands and feet."

The 65-year-old British actress, who inadvertently sacrificed a bracelet and a pair of shoes to the cement, was honoured to become part of Hollywood history.

She said: "The history of Hollywood does move me. When I first came here I was just blown away by the fact you can stand here and look at these things and have a direct connection.

"It wasn't that I ever had aspirations to be a film star, actually I didn't, but I always loved... just the history of Hollywood has always really appealed to me. And too much of the history of Hollywood has been torn down and modern buildings like that across the road put up.

"So I think we should preserve that and to become a part of it is immense to me."

The ceremony comes less than two weeks before the release of her latest movie, Arthur, in which she plays the nanny to the irresponsible billionaire played by Russell Brand.

Helen won an Academy Award for her portrayal of the Queen in the 2006 film The Queen.

She also got Oscar nominations for her roles in The Madness Of King George, Gosford Park and The Last Station.


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