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Mirren wants no respect from Brand

Russell Brand has said he was on his best behaviour when he started working with Dame Helen Mirren - until she told him off for it.

The comedian plays a drunken playboy in the remake of the 1980s comedy Arthur, alongside Dame Helen as his straight-laced and long-suffering nanny.

Russell told a news conference in Sydney: "She's like, you know, a dame and a lady and so I was naturally quite respectful."

"I kind of was shy when I met her. I think she just did that to you know, break the ice. 'Don't respect me,' she said."

Russell, who is known for this close-to-the-bone humour said he's actually very polite in private, and would never have disrespected the woman who won as Oscar in 2006 for her depiction of Queen Elizabeth II.


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