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Mischa closes in on Ulster date

Hollywood star hoping to attend premiere

By Eddie McIlwaine

Actress Mischa Barton - set to become the new face of Hollywood - faces a race against time to make it to Belfast for the premiere of locally-produced movie Closing the Ring next month.

Based on the real life fatal crash of an American B17 Flying Fortress in the hills outside Belfast in wartime 1944, Mischa (22) plays the young Ethel-Ann the true love of gunner Teddy who loses his life in the tragedy.

London-born Mischa, whose mother comes from Roscommon, is one of the major attractions in the film which stars Shirley MacLaine as the older Ethel-Ann and Christopher Plummer as a war veteran and Pete Posthlewaite as the Belfast man who spends his life searching the wreck site for the ring of the title.

Mischa is now in Regina, Saskatchewan, shooting a psychological thriller called Walled In, where she plays Jeanne, whose explorations in a deserted building where unexplained events happened years before, throw up a riddle of evil spells.

Plans to have a premiere of Closing the Ring in Belfast in the middle of next month, before the public release of the film after Christmas, are at an early stage, but director Lord Attenborough has contacted Mischa about joining Shirley MacLaine in Belfast for the curtain-raiser. It is understood she would like to attend the premiere if her filming schedule allows it.

As a young girl, Mischa appeared in the Bruce Willis hit movie The Sixth Sense and in Notting Hill with Hugh Grant, both in 1999, and is now one of the most sought after young actresses in Hollywood.

Three other films in which she stars - Don't Fade Away, St Trinian's and Virgin Territory - are soon to be released.

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