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Mitchell and Webb reveal struggles of finding success

The pair will soon be seen starring in a new TV series.

Peep Show star David Mitchell has spoken of his frustration over the difficulty of achieving success.

The comedian, who first found fame with comedy partner Robert Webb on television in That Mitchell And Webb Look, will soon be reunited with his frequent collaborator in new series Back on Channel 4, but said the duo’s achievements have been hard won.

He told the Radio Times: “What I’ve found really annoying is that the thing I really wanted to do had to be such a challenge.

“And it continues to feel impossible.”

Asked if it had really been that hard for the two of them to make it, Webb added: “It took f**king ages.”


Their new show was co-created with Peep Show writer Simon Blackwell and sees Webb star as Andrew, who was fostered by the parents of Mitchell’s Stephen when he was younger.

Mitchell said the fact they work together so often puts extra pressure on them to deliver in their joint projects.

“Deciding to take a random job that we quite fancy doing on our own is less loaded with significance than the two of us going into something together.

“We are offered things together that try to parachute us into something either we don’t fit or isn’t at all new, so we are careful in that way.”


Their long working relationship means they might not be too happy if one became far more famous than the other.

He added: “It would make the other one uneasy. You would go, ‘Oh, that’s nice for him,’ to be a world-famous star.


“But I don’t think I’d feel unalloyed joy as Rob picked up his third Oscar.”


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