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Molina reveals on-set naughtiness

Alfred Molina has revealed his naughty behaviour on the set of the latest film.

The Chocolat star teams up with his old friend John Lithgow to star in Love As Strange as a gay couple who finally get married after a law change in New York. The couple runs into difficulty when one of them loses their job and they are forced to spend time apart.

Speaking on the red carpet at the Los Angeles Film Festival premiere of the film, Alfred said he was deeply moved by the material.

He said: It just touched me, the story is not so much about a gay marriage as what happens to a relationship under pressure.

"I think we are moving - not quickly enough - but moving slowly toward a situation where we stop asking if this is a gay marriage, and it's just a relationship, and I think this movie does a little bit to fix that."

Addressing how he and John explored their characters to build their relationship, Alfred said it was easy because they were already friends, but that ease let to naughty behaviour.

"We were mates already, we have been friends since the mid-nineties. We had a lot of time where we didn't have to worry about getting to know each other so we just fell into our usual routine. That is a lot of banter and giggles, to the point where director Ira Sachs told us to shut up because we were getting a bit too jokey on set.

He added: "We had to be separated, we were behaving a bit like naughty boys at the back of the class."


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