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Moneyball converts Brad to baseball

Brad Pitt has revealed playing Oakland manager Billy Beane in new movie Moneyball has made him a fan of baseball.

The Hollywood heartthrob stars in the film, which premiered at the Paramount Theatre in downtown Oakland, and tells the story of how Billy used a sophisticated computer analysis system to put together a winning baseball team, and earned them 20 wins in a row.

Asked if he was a baseball fan Brad said: "Not historically. I gotta say I've got a soft spot now, that's for sure."

He added: "My son is [a fan] except we were sitting next to the dugout and Jeter (New York Yankees player Derek Jeter) offers him a cracked bat, and he looked at him and goes 'it's broken'."

Moneyball is adapted from the 2003 best seller by Michael Lewis detailing Billy's unconventional methods and management style in running a baseball club.

Brad stuck with the troubled project through a hiatus and switches in directors beginning with Steven Soderbergh and ending with Bennett Miller.

He said: "I really got taken with Michael's book. I couldn't let it go. I saw an unconventional story... where guys were in pursuit of something and wouldn't let it go at any other cost."

Brad said of holding the premiere in Oakland: "Being here is really special for us because the fans are so great, they came out and stayed up with us all night for weeks on end to recreate these scenes and I think this was a special time for the city as well, that the film portrays, so I hope people will be pleased.

"I see it as a love letter to Oakland."


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