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Mo'Nique movie opens LGBT festival

Mo'Nique has revealed how deeply she felt she understood her character in her latest movie.

The Oscar winner, who scooped a statue for her performance in Precious, plays the mother of a young singer struggling with his sexuality while coming of age in a small Southern Baptist community in new film Blackbird.

The movie opened Outfest Fusion in Los Angeles, a festival celebrating LGBT and African American film and speaking on the red carpet, the actress said she felt as if she knew her struggling character.

"I know her, I know those women who feel they have to choose between their child and their choices and their religion.

"I know that woman and know they are in so much pain and don't know which direction to go in. In reading that character we felt like we could bring her to life. We thought if we could show her we could make them change their heart."

She added: "When we read the script we said this story needs to be told because so many people in the community are hurting and they live in a silent suffering, too ashamed or afraid to speak out and say this is who I am.

Standing with her husband Sidney, who executive produced the film, Mo'Nique said: "We said we wanted to be a part of it to get the message out because we want them to be comfortable in the skin they are in."


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