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Montseratt reveals call centre hell


Montseratt Lombard plays scary boss Alice in 8 Minutes Idle

Montseratt Lombard plays scary boss Alice in 8 Minutes Idle

Montseratt Lombard plays scary boss Alice in 8 Minutes Idle

Montseratt Lombard has admitted she has experienced the reality of the call centre workplace depicted in her film 8 Minutes Idle.

The quirky British romantic comedy follows Dan (Tom Hughes), a young guy who is not sure where his life is going, trying to survive his mad mum, his job in a call centre, his crush on work colleague Teri (Ophelia Lovibond) and fend off advances from his crazy boss Alice, played by Montseratt.

The Ashes To Ashes star revealed: "I worked in a call centre for a couple of years and I totally know what it's like, and the sheer boredom - it just gets too much for you."

And she admitted she has played pranks on callers, like the staff in the film. "Not officially... but we all spoke different languages so we used to have a lot of fun without our manager knowing what we were saying."

Though the oddball comedy has its surreal side, the mundane setting of the call centre was something that appealed to Montseratt.

She said: "To me a story that wasn't set in a council estate or a corset - it's another story that Britain has to offer, for me it was a really exciting opportunity to be part of that."

The film, which also stars Antonia Thomas, Jack Ashton and Divian Ladwa, was funded by fans on a Kickstarter campaign and adapted by Matt Thorne from his award-winning novel Eight Minutes Idle.

Montseratt and Ophelia revealed the young cast have become friends for life since working together for a few weeks on location in Bristol.

Ophelia revealed: "They just struck lucky I think that we all got on so well, we're all still friends and we still meet up and go for dinner and stuff. Because you never know, that's never a guarantee, that you're going to be best of friends, but it's an added bonus."

Montseratt added: "It was a really great experience. You never know with a group of people if you're all going to get on, especially going away and working away from home, and it was such a nice group of people, it really helped with the film."

:: 8 Minutes Idle opens in cinemas on Friday February 14.