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Moore: I like to have fun on set

Sir Roger Moore has admitted his fun nature can sometimes drive other people mad on set and that he would like to work with current A-listers Johnny Depp and Matt Damon.

The former James Bond has released his latest memoir Last Man Standing and is touring in a one-man show at the age of 86.

And though he has worked with lots of Hollywood greats over the years, he revealed he still had a "wish list".

"I'd like to work with some of the new actors. Well, they're new to me!" he revealed. "People like Johnny Depp, and Matt Damon, who I think is awfully good. George Clooney does some wonderful stuff and is a good director. I always regret that I never did anything with Clint Eastwood."

When asked why he always looked like he was having such fun making his films and TV shows, Sir Roger said: "Oh, I have a wonderful time! It may drive some other actors mad, and some directors, if they lose patience with me, but I just like having fun. I want everybody to be as happy as I am."

The 007 actor said of starting work on his latest book: "It was after Bond On Bond and My Word Is My Bond. Gareth Owen (co-writer with Sir Roger) and I had an awful lot of stories left over and thought, how do we put those together? Then the publisher said, it's time for another book and so we just sat down and worked."

It seems Sir Roger still has plenty more tales to tell, so a fourth book could be on the way: " As I talk about this one, I realise there are so many more stories, so maybe I'll continue. I could call it Tinseltown Forever, or something."

Talking about his one-man show and what to expect, he said: " I reminisce and ramble on and Gareth talks to me and reminds me not to wander too far off the beaten path because I talk about whatever comes into my head. We also do a Q&A with the audience which I rather enjoy.

"It's wonderful to get a reaction [from fans] - I don't care if it's a boo or a cheer! Actually, they wouldn't come if they hated me. They'd say, 'Why the hell should we give him money?'."

:: Last Man Standing: Tales From Tinseltown by Roger Moore is published in hardback by Michael O'Mara Books, priced £20. Available now.


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