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More 300 movies for director Murro

Noam Murro has said there should be more 300 films.

The Israeli director of the sequel 300: Rise Of An Empire, which stars Jack O'Connell, Eva Green and Sullivan Stapleton, feels there is more scope to explore the world with further instalments.

"The idea of 300, if you ask me 'Should there be another 300?', (I say) 1,000 per cent," he told Collider.

"Will there be one? I don't know but if I had to bet on it, why wouldn't there be? I would hope so," he continued.

But he added he has not been in talks to direct another film, saying: " That has not happened yet."

Noam, who previously directed Smart People, said he agreed to direct the 300 sequel when Zack Snyder, who took the reins on the first film, dropped him a line.

"I was humbled by Zack calling me and considering me," he said.

"There was a process that we all went through, in order to show what the vision is for the movie. It's a complex task because it's a movie that had to be expanded thematically and visually from the first one, and have its roots in the original."

The filmmaker continued: "When I got the script, it was unbelievable and exciting because I grew up in pretty classical music and opera and when I read this, I thought it was a historical opera on water. That was enough for me."

300: Rise Of An Empire opens in cinemas on March 7.


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