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More Gilmore Girls episodes ‘a possibility’ says show’s creator

Amy Sherman-Palladino said she would hang out with Lauren Graham ‘any time.’





New episodes of Gilmore Girls are “a possibility”, according to the show’s creator Amy Sherman-Palladino.

The mother-daughter drama, which ran from 2000 to 2007, returned for a four-part Netflix revival last year.

It ended in such way fans were left demanding more episodes and Sherman-Palladino has said it is not out of the question, even though she is currently making a show for Netflix rival Amazon.

She told the Press Association: “Amazon knows that if we have an idea and if Lauren (Graham) and Alexis (Bledel) and Kelly (Bishop) and we all sit down and decide we want to do something else, we have the go-ahead to do that.

“It’s not out of the realm of possibility. Nothing is in the works right now, it would have to be the right place and the right time and the right zeitgeist for everybody, we would have to be in the right mind space to do it, but it is a possibility.”

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Asked if she would like to revisit the show again, she said: “I will hang out with Lauren Graham for hours, any time, any place so if it’s the right thing and we all feel good about it, then yeah, absolutely.”

Her husband Daniel Palladino, who executive produced, wrote and directed the show, added: “It was actually really fun to pick up a series nine years later.

“Those opportunities did not present themselves before streaming outlets so it’s another way that these outlets have brought a freedom for us storytellers just to do something outside of the realm of the usual standards and I think the audience has shown that they are into that kind of stuff so it’s a fun world for us.”

The duo’s new show The Marvellous Mrs Maisel will launch on Amazon Prime Video on November 29 and Sherman-Palladino said it is no coincidence it is another project with dynamic women at its centre.

She said: “We never enter into anything thinking ‘Hey the zeitgeist today!’

“We just don’t. We just go ‘Hey that would be fun,’ because we are simple people so it’s sort of a coincidence that it’s coming out as the world is exploding.

“But I think it’s always a good thing to shine on. I’m proud of the fact that it’s a story about a woman like this, that she’s going down a weird rabbit hole like this in a weird interesting way and choosing to and diving into it.

“She’s not a passive player in her own story; she’s actively pushing herself into a new direction.”

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