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Moretz: I needed to find new Carrie

Carrie filmmaker Kimberly Peirce and her leading lady Chloe Grace Moretz have revealed how they strived to create a modern remake of the Stephen King classic horror tale.

The Boys Don't Cry director used 21st-century technology such as smartphones and the internet to give a new slant to the 1974 supernatural coming-of-age novel.

The most profound use of technology occurs while the lead character - played by Chloe Grace Moretz - is antagonised to the point where she loses control.

"It's how you raise your story to the level of myth," said Peirce. ''Too much specificity is a bore. I thought the characters needed to have cellphones, but they should probably only use them a few times. Otherwise, we're beating the audience over the head with it. That's why it was carefully chosen."

In one of the film's most important scenes, Carrie isn't only ridiculed by fellow students when she experiences her first menstruation - and doesn't know what's happening - after gym class. The moment is also captured on a smartphone and later uploaded to the internet by mean girl Chris Hargensen (Portia Doubleday). It's played again on screens during their prom after bullies dump pig's blood on the teen.

Chloe - who at 16, is the same age as her character - believes the broadcast of the digital video amplifies the internal rage of this version of the introverted young woman, who's been sheltered throughout her life by her religiously fanatical mother Margaret (Julianne Moore).

"When that blood is dropped on her, I do think she would've walked away if that video had not been put up on the screen," said Chloe. "I do think she would have walked out of that gym, gone home, cried and been fine - figured her life and moved back into her shell. Without the video, I don't think the telekinesis would've taken over her body."

Chloe said it was a big challenge to find a totally new interpretation of the classic cinematic moment.

"I had to forget about all that," she said. "As an actor, I just needed to live in my character and not think about Sissy Spacek's performance or how this is an iconic scene or anything like that. Carrie is Carrie. She doesn't know blood is going to be dropped on her. She just won prom queen and thinks her life is going to turn around for the better now."


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