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Moretz: I only trust close family

Chloe Grace Moretz has admitted she tells people fake stories to see if they will spill them to the press.

The 17-year-old's fame is on the rise thanks to movies like Kick-Ass, Dark Shadows and Carrie, and she revealed she is learning not to trust everyone around her.

The actress said she has found a "sneaky but fun" way of weeding out the culprits - by telling people she suspects fake stories, and seeing if they end up being reported.

"When they get out, I'm like, 'Yes! You're a rat and I knew it!'," said Chloe. "So I don't really trust anyone any more - besides my close family."

The If I Stay actress thinks the increasing paparazzi interest in her is "kind of silly".

"It's annoying that people care more about what you wear or who you're with," said the star, who has most recently been linked to Victoria and David Beckham's son Brooklyn.

"It seems a little antiquated. I think the only thing they should care about is whether you're a good actor."

:: If I Stay is released on Friday, August 29.


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