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Morton terrified of film monsters

Samantha Morton has admitted she was terrified while filming new sci-fi action film John Carter.

The British actress, who is expecting her third child, attended the premiere of Disney's new 3D epic at the BFI on London's Southbank, dressed in a vintage kaftan.

Samantha plays a 9ft-tall green alien with four arms called Sola in the film, set on Mars and co-starring Dominic West, Willem Dafoe, Mark Strong and James Purefoy, with Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins in the lead roles.

Morton insisted playing a CGI alien was just like any other role, saying: "First of all it's like I do with any part, it's about finding their essence and their spirit, and then the rest of it is like putting on your clothes, how you walk, how you hold your head and all of that."

But she admitted filming in the heat of the Arizona desert had been "hard work" and she was frightened of the monsters her character had to fight.

She said: "They were really real on set, these massive things that moved and I thought 'If that's real and it's here and that's scary, what are they gonna do in post production?!'"

Collins, who plays Princess Dejah, claimed she had to work out "constantly" to fit into her character's skimpy costumes.

She added: "But not only to fit in them, but to feel confident in them, and not only to feel confident, but to feel strong. And when it got to the point where I started feeling strong, that's when it all made sense. And then it was less about if I was skinny or fat or whatever, it was about feeling strong."

The Disney film, directed by Andrew Stanton, is the first in a series of films based on the John Carter of Mars books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It opens in cinemas on March 9.


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