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Motherhood 'worth it' for Poehler

Comedian Amy Poehler says being a mother has taught her to be "easier on herself".

Poehler, who rose to fame on Saturday Night Live alongside Tina Fey, has also forged a successful acting career.

Her latest venture is Pixar's animated movie Inside Out, which sees her voice a character called Joy, who is one of a number of "inner emotions" of an 11-year-old called Riley.

Speaking to the Radio Times Magazine, she said: "It's an interesting time for women because there's so much expectation and pressure to do all things well."

"But the lesson I've learned about being a mom is to be easier on myself."

"You are constantly crossing off what doesn't work any more and then trying something else, having to readjust and stay flexible. But it's worth it."

Poehler was married to actor Will Arnett for nine years, and they have two sons together.

The pair parted ways in 2012, and she is currently romantically linked to comedian Nick Kroll.


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