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Mr Incredible is ‘a little bit like my dad’ says director Brad Bird

Incredibles 2 is out on July 13.

Chief animator Fran Kalal alongside the characters she created for Incredibles 2 (Jane Barlow/PA)
Chief animator Fran Kalal alongside the characters she created for Incredibles 2 (Jane Barlow/PA)

Incredibles 2 director Brad Bird has said Mr Incredible was in part inspired by his own father.

The second instalment of the hugely popular 2004 film sees the superhero take on the “most heroic mission of his life” and become a stay-at-home dad.

But Mr Incredible, also known as Bob Parr, is seen struggling to come to terms with his new status as wife Helen assumes her role as Elastigirl to save Metroville from hypnotist and digital supervillain the Screenslaver.

Bird told the Press Association about his decision to leave Bob in charge of his three children.

“I thought that it would mess Bob up. He’s a little bit like my dad, because my dad was a great guy, really funny and smart, and I love him dearly – he’s no longer with us.

“But he also believed that his way of seeing things was the only real correct way and, if you thought any other way, you were simply misinformed.

“He wasn’t mad at you about it but, surely, if you do a little more research, you’ll realise that you were wrong and change your point of view to align with his. So there was a little bit of inspiration from that.

“Bob assumes he’s the answer to any problem and that, if he’s not available, there are a variety of other superheroes you can go to, but if he is available, then of course he’s the only logical choice.”

Producer Nicole Paradis Grindle said: “But what ends up happening is that Bob ends up getting the most challenging and heroic mission of his life, which is being a good dad.

“And he thinks he can do that easily because he’s Mr Incredible and it’s a lot more difficult than he expects and, by the end, I think he’s truly a hero in his family and in the world.”

The film sees Helen fulfil her heroic ambitions, using her neat and efficient approach to outwit corporate villains including conniving DevTech executive Evelyn Deavor.

Bird said: “It also allowed (viewers) to see a side of Helen that you see in the ending of the first movie, where she is very much a professional woman, has no intention of slowing down ever, and is rediscovering and reawakening that side of her.”

But Bird lightheartedly insists that the film is not meant to “correct anybody’s soul”.

Brad Bird during a photocall for new film Tomorrowland: A World Beyond at Claridges Hotel in London (Ian West/PA)

“This really sounds like it’s good for you. Let’s say that it’s broccoli made out of popcorn, cheese-covered and deep fried.

“I assure you my intent was not to correct anybody’s soul – it’s not good for you, it’s just fun!”

Paradis Grindle added: “But it makes you feel good.”

The Incredibles squad – Bob, Helen, Violet, Dash and baby Jack-Jack – returns to cinemas on July 13, alongside familiar faces including Frozone, played by Samuel L. Jackson, and Edna Mode.

Viewers will also be in for an adorable treat in the form of the youngest member of the clan, who discovers his seemingly unlimited fledgling powers.

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