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Mulligan's boredom with film roles

Carey Mulligan has revealed why she took a year off after An Education - because she got bored of the roles on offer.

Following her award-winning turn as Jenny, the British actress was in high demand, but wasn't thrilled by the parts she was offered.

"As much I wanted to I just couldn't find something that I felt justified in doing. There was just too much that was similar to the parts I'd played before and things I had already done," she said.

"I felt that until I found something that I felt excited about in terms of something different, I was going to wait."

Carey - who next stars in Drive alongside Ryan Gosling and Shame with Michael Fassbender - was offered quirky characters and costume dramas on the back of An Education.

"It was like The Girl Who Wore Black Eye Make-up and was into The Ramones. As brilliant as they were, there wasn't a good enough reason for me to do them," she continued.

"I felt I had just come out of a really long two years of doing lots of British TV... and I just didn't feel like going back into that territory. There was definitely a time when I thought there wasn't much for me."

The 26-year-old is set to start filming Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. "Gatsby is an amazingly interesting role and an amazing cast but a massively different budget and scale," she said.

"It's a great role. I haven't played anything like that before so it is exciting, something different."

:: Drive opens in cinemas on September 23.


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