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Murder dad to appeal conviction

By Alan Erwin

A Co Antrim man jailed for murdering his baby son has launched an appeal against his conviction, it has emerged.

Senior judges were told transcripts of the evidence of four witnesses were being sought as part of the challenge being mounted by Ryan Leslie.

The 27-year-old, formerly of Ballyvessey Green, Newtownabbey, is currently serving a minimum 17-year prison sentence. He was found guilty in February of murdering and causing grievous bodily harm to 14-week-old Cameron Jay Leslie.

The child died in hospital in September 2008 after suffering severe body injuries. His brain was so swollen that it cut off the oxygen supply to his brain stem.

Leslie's trial heard bruises were found on Cameron's arms, his legs, torso, throat and chin.

A total of 14 rib fractures were also discovered, but assessed as not contributing to death.

The jury heard Cameron had been staying with his father before being rushed to hospital. He died two days later.

The case was listed for a further update in January.

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