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Murray couldn't handle Ghostbusters

Bill Murray has said he loves watching Ghostbusters 30 years after the film came out.

The comedy star said he had fond memories from his time working on the film, which is returning with an all-female reboot.

"I watch it because I haven't seen them in a while," he said of his co-stars.

But Bill said the experience of starring in such a massive film had a huge impact.

"It was more than I could handle," the Lost In Translation actor said. "I had to get out of town and leave the country.

"It had a great effect on my life, in terms of what I could do. It meant that I could be comfortable, and I could concentrate on other parts of life."

The Hollywood actor, who stars in new movie St Vincent, added: "We didn't take movies so seriously back then.

"We used to do it for fun, because we liked the work, and now we do it - I don't know why - but back then we really had a lot of fun."

He recalled of filming the movie: "We'd go around New York in those [Ghostbuster] uniforms and walk into stores.

"People didn't know who the hell we were, and the cops thought we were above them and that we had better uniforms. We had the damned car, so we never stopped at a stop light, we just pulled over, wrong way - anything we wanted to do."

:: St. Vincent is released in cinemas on Friday, December 5.


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