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Murray's big plans for Pub Landlord

Al Murray says he'd like to keep his Pub Landlord character alive for a few more decades.

The star made his debut as the xenophobic publican at the Edinburgh fringe in 1994 and he told The Sun that there was still life in the hit character.

"Another 20 years? Probably. What's been interesting is it has adapted and changed and survived," he said.

He also said he'd like to bring back his Happy Hour talk show, telling the newspaper: "The talk show is the thing I really love doing most of all. I'd absolutely love to ring it back. That's the dream gig really."

Al also wants to see his Pub Landlord character on the big screen.

"I'd love to make a Pub Landlord film - where he goes looking for the Holy Grail, because it's a pint pot. Because the Last Supper was a stag night of sorts."


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