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Neeson has no bum note for Theron

Charlize Theron has revealed seeing Liam Neeson's bottom was one of the perks of her job.

The Oscar-winning actress got to peek at her co-star's derriere in one scene in Seth MacFarlane's comedy Western, A Million Ways To Die In The West - before putting a daisy in between his cheeks.

"I said what any healthy woman would say. 'I get to see Liam Neeson's butt!' That's what happened," she said, adding: "I can think of so many worse jobs!"

The 38-year-old actress plays sharp shooter Anna in the movie, which marks a rare comedic appearance.

"You have to approach it the same way as narrative. The worst thing you can do is to think you're doing a comedy, show up and think you're going to be funny because the universe doesn't work that way," she admitted.

"If the writing is good and you work with a good director like Seth, who's at the top of his game, the comedy will come naturally and you don't have to force it."

Charlize, who is mum to two-year-old adopted son, Jackson, and is dating Sean Penn, said she feels grateful for such a "blessed" life.

"I'm completely aware of how blessed my career and my life has been," she said. "I think my 22-year-old self would probably just be jumping up and down going, 'Woohoo, we're still doing it! We're not a waitress! We kept going!', so I'm very grateful for that. You have to be in this business.

"This business is not something that a lot of people get to experience. So if you're fortunate enough to be in that position, you better be grateful about it."

:: A Million Ways To Die In The West is in cinemas now.


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