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Nevern: Hooligan genre just funny

The Hooligan Factory director Nick Nevern has said the hooligan film genre was easy to satirise.

Nick stars in the spoof - inspired by films such as Danny Dyer's The Football Factory and Green Street - about football hooligans, along with Anuvahood's Jason Maza.

Nick said: "There are a lot of these films being done. A lot of them are brilliant, even the rubbish ones are still good and people love them.

"I just think there's something rather funny about a group of men [taking fighting so seriously].

"You know, going 'This is the final ruck and it's the most important thing I've ever got to do'. I t hink there's something funny about that.

"Standing your ground is very important, but to have that as a kind of ethos for a movie, it's about time that's satirised a little bit."

Jason added: "Also we felt like because it had been done so many times, how could we re-enjoy these films in a fresh way. There was no point making another hooligan movie, it's already been done.

"It's almost a celebration - if you're a fan of the genre there are so many moments where you go 'I can't believe he's just done that, that's hilarious'."

:: The Hooligan Factory is released on June 13.


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