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Nic Cage: I can't stand violence

Nicolas Cage has said he can't stand violence, despite being famous for a string of action movies.

The action star's new film The Frozen Ground is based on a true story about a serial killer who victimised prostitutes in Alaska. When one prostitute (Vanessa Hudgens) has a lucky escape, Cage's cop character is the only person who will take her seriously and hunt the killer.

Cage, who has starred in action films Kick-Ass, Con Air and Face/Off in his career, said: "I care about women's rights and I can't stand violence.

"This movie, because it's a true story, I wanted to approach it in a grave way. If you look carefully at my filmography, when I have violent moments, usually - not always - but usually it's couched in a fantasy kind of world. There's a supernatural aspect to it, it sort of takes you out of the edge of real life.

"This one, because it is real life, I didn't want to approach it with any fireworks. I wanted it to be very correct."

The Frozen Ground is released in cinemas on July 19.


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