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Nic Cage wants insane characters

Nicolas Cage has said he wants to start playing crazy characters.

The actor insisted his acting choices were like a form of art.

"You can think of film acting as other art forms that are abstract, like jazz music or abstract painting," he mused. "One of the ways to do it is to play a character that is really high on drugs like Bad Lieutenant, another way is to play characters that are from somewhere else and then it's all bets are off, like Drive Angry."

Nic jokingly added: "Another way is to play someone that is just completely insane - and that's next!"

After starring in films like Ghost Rider and The Sorcerer's Apprentice, the actor admits he's pleased to have carved out a path for playing the stranger characters in Hollywood.

"I am eclectic and I'm always looking to push the boundaries with film acting. At this point in my career I think I've stumbled on the concept that if I can play characters that have a bit of a supernatural element to them, it opens up my options," he revealed.

"It's infinite, the things I can do in terms of behaviour and performance, it's limitless, and there are only very few ways that you can do that," he said.


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